Ucrete Sealers: Provide Ideal Floor Finishing

Ucrete technology is the original polyurethane flooring solution which provides resistance to chemicals, extreme mechanical and thermal shocks with long term durable flooring solution. Industries like food and beverages, chemical, aviation, electronic, retail, breweries and pharmaceutical may use Ucrete flooring as it provide ideal floor finishing. Ucrete technology provides a powerful layer of protection for new and existing concrete surfaces.

Ucrete sealers offer resistance to physical abuse, moisture and chemical and bacterial growth. It has long term durability, maximum water resistance, self priming, high impact resistance and is fast to install. Additionally it is odorless non toxic and non- tainting and is available in variety of colors, designs and textures.

With Ucrete you can choose from Ucrete UD200, Ucrete HP and HP/Q, Ucrete MF and Ucrete RG. This flooring has been tested for comprehensive, flexural and tensile strength, elasticity, thermal expansion and conductivity, water absorption and resistance to bacterial and fungal growth.

The food and beverage floors must resist damage from spills and corrosive cleaning agents that are used in the food industry and must be protected from fat, oil and sugar spills. These areas require special and different formulated floor coatings according to the demand. The floor for bakery must be capable of surviving extreme conditions as bakery industry flooring takes physical punishment from heavily loaded, steel wheeled carts, dragged carts, forklifts and many more.

Also, for food grade floor coverings, floors under and around oven have to be reflective heat resistant while dry process and storage areas require an anti slip floor finish. Whereas wet processing floors should have an anti slip floor and cooler and freezer flooring require thermal shock resistant finishes. 
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