Concrete Floor Caring Through Epoxy Floor Painting

Using epoxy floor painting for concrete floors is a great idea for garage floors and basement concrete. It covers the gray surface and give aesthetic appeal, plus ease to clean, prevent stains from oil spills, leaks in cars and helps maintain a tough surface, turning that area into a waterproof concrete.

With proper soil preparation and a good method of application, currently Epoxy Flooring New Hampshire is relatively easy to achieve for domestic use as well as being cheaper than before, in many cases can be applied by anyone, saving on labor costs, the price depends on the area to be covered and epoxy type used.

Advantages of epoxy paint for concrete floors include:

Long Term Usage: It has a high resistance to scratching, abrasion and wear.

Easy cleaning: Washable even with detergents and fast commissioning.

Strong Adhesion: Provides good adhesion and resistant to intermittent splashes and spills of chemicals and salt.

Waterproof: Resistant to heat (for example hot tires)

Reduced Maintenance costs: 'It's not toxic once this dries.

Colours On demand: Custom epoxy colors can be applied.

An important thing to keep in mind before applying epoxy paint on concrete floor is that if the floor is stained, let it dry because there is too much moisture coming from below and the paint will not last long.

There are basically three types of epoxy resins:

·         100% solids
       De solvent based
        Water Based

          Painting with 100% solids type is the strongest, but more expensive and should only be applied by professionals. The de solvent paintings based epoxy are not as strong, but are generally reserved for industrial use, solvents are also more toxic. The water based epoxy type is cheap but not as durable as others. However, it is strong enough to withstand the residential use and much easier to use, your application does not require much care and no apparent toxic during painting. The epoxy water based paints can be found in most DIY stores for home.
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