What’s the best floor coating to use?

Picking flooring for your manufacturing industry is a great deal. Epoxy flooring has been taken over by polyurethane concrete floors today because of numerous issues found in food & beverage and many chemical processing areas. Cementitious urethane flooring is the latest technology floor coating used today, which accomplish even in extreme settings. Urethane concretes and covering frameworks loan themselves well to an assortment of mechanical, business and institutional floor covering applications.

These urethane cements can be utilized or as a part with many other coatings. These floors are the best choice for food and beverage industries like meat, poultry, seafood, bakeries and dairies. These flooring systems have many advantages in food and beverage plants:

Ø  Reduces downtime because of single layer framework
Ø  Durable in harsh environments
Ø  Can withstand cruel chemicals
Ø  Fast-curing, low-odor installation
Ø  Protect new flooring systems against foaming  or delamination due to high moisture vapor emissions
Ø  Serve as waterproof flooring and slip safe.

Urethane flooring products also give a good NonSlip Industrial Kitchen Floor for the safety. These floors can withstand dropped pots, steel parts and utensils in kitchens and food plants. They can even endure repetitive scraping and scratching much better than Epoxy floors. These floors are additionally helpful in plant areas such as bakeries.

Cementitious urethane flooring also contains antimicrobial, Floroseptic which protects you from the pathogen infections. These Urethane concrete coating provide an optimal solution for every flooring challenge in your facility.

Other benefits

Ø  Can withstand moisture and cool temperature
Ø  They have no odor
Ø  Provides a good resistant to any chemicals.

EP Floors Corp. is a value added flooring company which provides benefits like: Thorough analysis of your existing floor area, selection of the appropriate urethane mortar system, skill of application with our own company crew’s installation and single source warranty
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